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WG3-WG4 Cross-group workshop: Marine connectivity, marine policy and stakeholder engagement

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

On May 25th 2023, as part of the International Symposium on Human Impacts on MFC, WG4 Co-Leader Dr. Yael Teff-Seker (University of California, Davis), along with Dr. A.M. Addamo (Nord University, WG3) and Dr. P. Mackelworth (Institute for Tourism, Marine Institute, WG3), held a half-day workshop designed to connect MFC science with policy and planning at the regional seas and international level. The workshop accounted for 51 experts, among them many SEA-UNICORN members.

As part of the workshop, Dr. Anna Maria Addamo first presented the case for science communication with decision-makers, planners, and managers at the EU level. She explained the current status of MFC awareness among EU/EC policy documents, as well as what is still missing and needed (e.g., clearer indicators and variables). Dr. Peter Mackelworth presented the challenges and significance of international and transboundary work in terms of MFC-related cross-border and regional conservation, as well as cross-border scientific collaboration.

After this introduction, participants were divided into groups, and were asked the following questions:

Part 1 (EU Policy):

1) What do we need to get MFC incorporated into policy and monitoring?

2) How can your knowledge be translated into developing an indicator/variable?

Part 2 (International Collaboration):

1) What are the challenges and barriers limiting the use of MFC for cross-border cooperation, and how can we overcome them?

2) What has been your experience working on international projects or with international partners (and who were they)?

Group answers were collected and shared with the participants.The most innovative and applicable insights, from MFC experts from all fields, are to provide a basis for a potential white/policy paper on improving MFC use in policy, spatial planning and management.

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