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Promoting awareness on MFC and its ecological & economic importance

WG4 involves all types of participants in the network (MFC scientists, modellers and stakeholders). This cross-cutting WG is responsible for promoting the transfer of the knowledge gained over the course of the Action to a wide audience, including scientists, stakeholders, end-users and the wider public.

Therefore, WG4 will play a key role in promoting global awareness on MFC's ecological and economic importance and the implementation of MFC in decision-making processes for management and policy.

Its main tasks are to:

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1. Help the Action chair to launch the Action’s website and supervise its implementation

2. Organize the Action's Kick-off and Final Dissemination events

Issue regular press releases about the Action's activities/outcomes

3. Communicate about the Action on social media

4. Oversee and assist all communication and dissemination activities planned in the other WGs, including the production of educational and promotional materials.



Federica Costantini

University of Bologna

Bologna, Italy

Professional Page




Yael Teff-Seker

University of California

Davis, USA

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Fresh Fish for Sale

Working Group 4

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