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Producing relevant MFC data for management and policy-making

WG3 gathers various MFC scientists as well as different types of policymakers and stakeholders involved in the design of management strategies for marine resources and ecosystems, at the national and international scales.

The goal of WG3 is to ensure that future developments in the field of MFC are policy-relevant and needs-oriented, and that the scientific information produced is operative and communicated effectively to a wide audience of stakeholders and end-users. 

For this, WG3 will encourage stakeholders to translate the improved knowledge gained in WG1 and WG2 into fit-for-purpose science, and provide practical advice for ecosystem or resource managers and national and international policy-makers.

By defining the policy and management context in which MFC science needs to operate, WG3 will also play a fundamental role in determining the direction and scope of work performed by the other two WGs.

Its main tasks are to:  


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1. Develop strong interactions between the varied MFC scientists and the multiple-level stakeholders

2. Identify the specific knowledge needs of the stakeholders in each domain of marine management and governance

3. Produce operational MFC knowledge by developing approaches to integrate MFC data and prediction models with specific management or policy needs.

4. Ensure that marine stakeholders and end-users are aware of the central role played by connectivity in the functioning of marine ecosystems and the importance of using robust MFC knowledge



Ant Türkmen

LifeWatch ERIC

Lecce, Italy


Professional page



Maria Beger

University of Leeds

Leeds, United Kingdom


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david goldsborough.png

David Goldsborough

Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands


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Pack de Barracudas

Working Group 3

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