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Our partners

The SEA-UNICORN COST Action has forged strong links with other projects, consortiums or networks interested in the characterization of Marine Functional Connectivity and in the evaluation of its ecological and socio-economic implications. 


Some of their participants have joined our network, allowing to build bridges between projects and initiatives and to co-organize events and activities, at the national or international scale. 

International partners


UN Ocean Decade program MarineLife2030

Ocean Knowledge Action Network



 IUCN Working Group on Marine Connectivity


MiCO consortium


COST Action CA-18102

The European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network (ETN)


PAGES working group Disentangling climate & pre-industrial human impacts on marine ecosystems (Q-MARE)


National partners

Office Français de la Biodiversité (OFB)

logo OFB.png
logo GDR OMER.png

GDR Océans et Mer (GDR OMER)

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