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Our partners

The SEA-UNICORN COST Action has forged strong links with other projects or networks interested in the characterization of Marine Functional Connectivity and in the evaluation of its ecological and socio-economic implications. 


Some of their participants have joined our network, allowing to build bridges between projects and initiatives and to co-organize events and activities, at the national or international scale. 

International partners

  • UN Ocean Decade program MarineLife2030

  • OceanKAN (Ocean Knowledge-Action Network)

  • IUCN Working Group on Marine Connectivity (CCSG-MCWG)

  • Mico consortium (Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean)

  • COST Action CA-18102 - The European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network (ETN)

  • Q-MARE working group (Disentangling climate & pre-industrial human impacts on marine ecosystems) of PAGES


National partners

  • Office Français de la Biodiversité (OFB)

  • GDR Océans et Mer (GDR OMER)

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