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Advancing Marine Functional Connectivity in the Adriatic and the Eastern Mediterranean

From September 25 till September 27 (2023) SEA-UNICORN WG3 organised a workshop entitled “Effectiveness of marine functional connectivity (MFC) and ecological coherence between the protected areas of the Adriatic and eastern Mediterranean” at the Institute for Tourism, in Zagreb (Croatia).

The workshop was organised by David Goldsborough and Ant Türkmen (both WG3 chairs), in collaboration with Peter Mackelworth (Blue World Institute of Marine Research & Conservation, Croatia), Burak Ali Çiçek (Eastern Mediterranean University) and Hrvoje Carić (Institute for Tourism for Zagreb, Croatia). Chaired by David Goldsborough the 14 participants of this three- day workshop focussed on producing input for a white paper on advancing marine functional connectivity (MFC) and ecological coherence in the two study areas. Three key issues were identified for this white paper: (1) Science, (2) Conservation, and (3) Outreach and Communication. The white paper will be shared with the SEA-UNICORN community in the beginning of 2024.

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