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Incorporating MFC knowledge into forecasting

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Manuel Hidago

IEO, Oceanographic Balearic Center

Palma, Spain


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WG2 involves MFC scientists and researchers from other fields that investigate ecological changes and their drivers at the community, ecosystem or social-ecological system levels.

Its goal is to contribute to the development of projection models that integrate MFC data (at sea but also at the land-sea interface) to predict the vulnerability of marine populations, communities, and ecosystem services to environmental change. This work increases the robustness of projections of MFC, marine biodiversity, and related socio-ecological systems.

To this aim, WG2 main tasks are to:  

  1. Foster integration of methods/ideas across MFC scientists and complementary research fields

  2. Evaluate the diverse types of data currently produced to describe MFC (e.g. in terms of taxonomic, spatial or temporal scales)

  3. Integrate the new MFC descriptors developed in WG1 into forecasting models

  4. Relate these MFC descriptors to other relevant functional traits



Lucia Lopez

Oceanographic Centre of Santander
Santander, Spain


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Working Group 2

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