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Moving from fish movements to fish-mediated fluxes

On July 24th 2023, SEA-UNICORN WG1 organised a satellite workshop entitled "Moving from fish movements to fish-mediated fluxes" at the FSBI 2023 International Symposium Fish Habitat Ecology in a Changing Climate at the University of Essex (UK).

Run by Audrey Darnaude (action chair) and Susanne Tanner and Anna Sturrock (WG1 co-leaders), this one day writing workshop brought together 18 experts in this field, from 13 countries (9 in Europe + South Africa, USA, New-Zealand and Australia), with the aim of producing the first draft of a scientific paper on Integrating individual markers of fish migration, diet and physiology to improve ecosystem-level assessments of functional connectivity, with a particular focus on fish-mediated fluxes.

The article is currently being drafted for submission in early 2024.

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