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STSM posters

Assessment of Recovery Potential of Marine Gastropod Populations Through Connectivity Between Mediterranean Shores With Different Climate Change Risks

Iris Preiss , Gil Rilov, Ilana Berman-Frank, Marc Rius

4 Sept 2022

Bibliometric mapping and development of interactive online tool for marine connectivity review of reviews

Rafet Cagri Ozturk, Yahya Terzi, Szymon Smolinski

20 Sept 2023

Analysing the connectivity among three different clades of the colonial ascidian Botryllus schlosseri

Eitan Reem

19 Jan 2022

Land-ocean connectivity in a changing environment: role of natural and anthropogenic terrestrial sources to benthic communities and potential effects to higher trophic levels

Juan C. F. Pardo, Cinthia Quintana

4 Sept 2022

Utilizing citizen science for guitarfish conservation within the framework of MSP

Yaara Grossmark, Michelle E Portman

12 Sept 2022

How does the environment drive myctophid predator-prey mass ratios in the Scotia Sea?

Patrick Eskuche-Keith, Eoin O'Gorman, Lucía Lopez-Lopez

5 Dec 2021

Quantifying short-scale connectivity of a highly commercial species using Lagrangian indices of larval retention, imports and self-recruitment

Georgios Kerametsidis, Manuel Hidalgo, and Vincent Rossi

18 Oct 2023

Genomic characterization and population dynamics of blue mussel complex stocks in Irish waters employing SNPs analysis

Eleonora Cariolato, Nicolas Bierne, Luca Mirimin

28 Oct 2022

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