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Working Group 1

Improving knowledge on MFC and its drivers

WG1 mainly involves scientists from the various disciplines that measure or predict MFC.


This WG compiles and compares MFC information from a wide range of taxa, eco-regions and methods, with the aim of providing a general conceptual and methodological framework to integrate data across disciplines.

To this aim, WG1 main tasks are:  

WG1 - 16 july bis.jpg


  1. Critically evaluate the current state of knowledge on MFC (including at the sea-continent interface) 

    • Review and collate MFC data from all disciplines 

    • Identify critical gaps and bottlenecks in MFC knowledge

    • Compile present knowledge on the impacts of environmental stressors on MFC and on its evolution in the face of global change

    • Investigate the role of inter-specific interactions in controlling MFC,


2. Improve the theoretical framework for evaluating MFC by unifying concepts and approaches across disciplines,


3. Improve the technical framework for assessing MFC by integrating data across disciplines,

4. Seek to produce comprehensive standardized MFC descriptors, applicable to diverse taxa, regions and habitats and encompassing the lifetime movements of marine organisms.  



Anna Sturrock

University of Essex

Colchester, United Kingdom


Professional page


Susanne Tanner

MARE - ULisboa

Lisbon, Portugal


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