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Systematic Conservation Planning and MSP

On 9-11 October, 2023 SEA-UNICORN WG3 organized a 3-day workshop focussing on the relationship between Marine Functional Connectivity (MFC) and Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) at the Thünen Institute in Bremerhaven (Germany). The emphasis of the workshop was on merging Systematic Conservation Planning with Marine Spatial Planning (MSP).

The workshop was organised by David Goldsborough (WG3 chair), Mike Elliott (SEA-UNICORN, Project MarinePlan, IECS, UK) and Anna Reichel (Project MarinePlan, Thünen-Institut of Sea Fisheries, Germany). Chaired by David Goldsborough the 10 participants of this two-day workshop narrowed the scope of the workshop to Connectivity, Coherence and Equivalence (CCE) of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Work is ongoing and the planning is to have a paper ready to be submitted in the spring of 2024.

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