Scientific publications

A scientific publication is an article in a peer-reviewed journal usually presenting an original piece of research, a review of a topic, or a perspective on a current, high-interest research topic.

Please find below the scientific publications on issues related to MFC produced in the frame of SEA-UNICORN.

Unifying approaches to Functional Marine Connectivity for improved marine resource management: the European SEA-UNICORN COST Action

Audrey M. Darnaude, Sophie Arnaud-Haond, Ewan Hunter, Oscar Gaggiotti, Anna Sturrock , Maria Beger, Filip A. M. Volckaert, Angel Pérez-Ruzafa, Lucía López-López, Susanne E. Tanner, Cemal Turan, Servet Ahmet Doğdu, Stelios Katsanevakis, Federica Costantini

Research Ideas and Outcomes

22 February 2022, 07:00:00