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Guidelines for presentations

Patience, more news coming soon...


Format = Portrait A0 size paper (width: 841mm/33.1 inches wide × high:1189 mm/46.8 inches).

Posters must be in the form of a single printable sheet that can be attached to display boards using Velcro stickpins that we will provide. If you want your poster to be displayed within a slideshow playing in the main hall during the whole event, please provide a j.peg version of it, at the following address:

Oral presentations

10 minute talks (we will be strict on time!).

5 min questions

Preferred format: PowerPoint widescreen (16:9).

Travel support

Members of the SEA-UNICORN COST Action and early career scientists (PhD students or post-docs) in Europe and beyond can apply for travelling and accommodation grants. Due to the limited funds available, grantees will be selected based on (1) the scientific relevance of their research to the conference, and (2) consideration of broad representation (including origin, gender, career stage) at the event, with a particular focus on countries belonging to the SEA-UNICORN consortium.

Grantees will be reimbursed for their expenses after the event. To estimate the expenses eligible for reimbursement, please read  COST Rules of Reimbursement.

​How to receive your travel support:

Support is contingent on in person attendance at the event. Grantees will be reimbursed within 3 months after the event, provided they have signed the attendance list daily, and they provide a reimbursement claim within 15 days a​fter the event (with original supporting documents).

Important notice

Please note that symposium organizers cannot reimburse travel expense losses due to COVID-19 or other reasons, so this coverage and travel insurance protection should be supported by the home institutions of the participants. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to discuss your travel arrangements with your home institutions prior to booking travel and accommodation and, wherever feasible, book refundable options.

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