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Travel Information

Montpellier is easily accessible by train or plane, and the Odysseum shopping center (where Planet Ocean is located) is directly linked to the city center by tramway. Odysseum is also close to the “Sud de France” train station (15 min. walk).


Getting to France


Montpellier Airport offers many scheduled nonstop flights to most European cities and some overseas destinations. Other airports in France, including those that may be serviced by European low-cost airlines, are Marseille (~150 km East of Montpellier), Beziers and Nîmes (~50 km East and west of Montpellier) international airports.

Link here.


You can also combine plane and train, as there are regular TGV trains to Montpellier every day from Charles de Gaulle (Roissy) airport in Paris (journey time = 4-5h, more information here).

Avion dans le ciel



A successful registration for the symposium does not guarantee entrance to France. Participants from some countries may require a visa to travel to France. Please refer to the French Embassy or Consulate of your choice to check whether you need a visa and to know the details of the application procedure. A list of countries with visa requirements and information on where visas are to be issued can be found here.


Due to the time required for visa processing and issuing, those wishing to attend the conference should submit their visa application as early as possible, and at least 15 working days before departure from the country of origin. Conference organizers do not provide personal assistance to the visa process for participants. In case your visa procedure requires a formal invitation letter, please contact the organizers at

Getting to Montpellier


There are several options for reaching the city center of Montpellier or getting to Odysseum. Please note that all prices indicated below are estimates, please check directly with the provider for confirmed costs.

From Montpellier airport to the city center

The most economical way to transfer between Montpellier airport and the city center is by public transport. 

Take the airport shuttle "Navette Aéroport" line 620 (red bus, stop between Hall 1 and Hall 2, tickets directly on board). Get off at "Place de l'Europe". To reach your destination, take the tramway. Lines 1 and 4 both serve the stop.


Airport shuttle: every 30 minutes from 8:30 to 20:30 and (8:00 to 20:00, City-airport)

Travel duration :approx. 25 minutes

Price : Single Shuttle ticket: €2 

Single ticket Shuttle + Tramway: €3 

Tickets are on sale on board the shuttle

Montpellier tramway and bus lines map:


Getting to Montpellier Airport from the city center

Take tramway line N°1 towards "Odysseum".

Get off at "Place de l'Europe".

Take the airport shuttle "Navette Aéroport" line 620.


Taxis or UBER 


Méditerranée Airport Taxis Association, Phone:+33 4 30 96 60 60

Price:€28-35 (day-night)

Travel duration: 25-40 minutes

Planet Ocean Montpellier

Odysseum, Allée Ulysse, 34000 Montpellier, France


Holiday Inn Express Montpellier - Odysseum

60 Avenue Nina Simone, 34000 Montpellier, France

To reach Odysseum, Planet Ocean or the Holiday Inn Express


From the Sud-de-France train station

Just walk (it will take you 5-10 minutes).


From the airport

Airport shuttle: every 30 minutes from 8:30 to 20:30 and (8:00 to 20:00, City-airport) - Stop at the Sud-de-France train   station then walk (5-10 minutes)

Travel duration: approx. 15 minutes

Price : Single Shuttle ticket: €2 

Tickets are on sale on board the shuttle


From Montpellier city center (or the Gare-St-Roch train station)


Line 1, direction "Odysseum", stop at "Place de France" station. Link here.



Line 9, stop at “Place de France” station. Link here.



Take the A709 freeway, exit 29 towards "Millénaire", then follow "Odysseum".Free parking for the first 2 hours is available around the site.

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