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Training: Systematic Reviews with Meta-analysis

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

The 2-day training course "See the Forest for the Trees: Systematic Reviews with Meta-analysis" provided the participants the understanding of the role of systematic reviews and meta-analysis in the scholarly literature, familiarity with the workflow of systematic reviews, and a set of implementation tools to be used in their own work. The course included 2 trainers and 33 trainees from 17 countries. Everyone enjoyed it and that learned a lot!

Course feedback

  • It was priceless, and I learned a lot! (Simone)

  • During the two days I learned many many things. And its really amazing and beneficial. Before this course I had no idea for Meta-Analysis. Thank you for your contribution. Thank you for this workshop. (Merve)

  • Very informative and useful workshop! (Stelios)

  • Amazing training! It was the perfect boost to give me the courage to start my own review. (Maria)

  • Absolutely brilliant - I learned a ton from you both. Even just things I feel like I thought I knew about like search strings and protocols. All so helpful. (Anna)

  • This was an amazing training workshop, and I'm really pumped and excited to start working on my systematic review and meta-analysis soon! (Anjaly)

  • Currently trying working on a metanalysis so these two days have been super helpful. (Signe)

CONTACTS: Tamar Guy-Haim:

Francisco Barboza:

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