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Training: Using chemical markers to assess connectivity

Updated: May 28, 2023

From 9-12th May 2023, SEA-UNICORN Working Group 1 held an online Training School “Using chemical markers to assess marine connectivity” attended by 60 trainees and 4 trainers from 30 different countries.

The training was aimed at scientists working in the field of marine connectivity (but with limited prior experience using chemical markers) in order to provide cross-disciplinary training to facilitate future method integration and innovation.

This 4-day school (16 hours, mornings only) included lectures on the theory behind using chemical markers in different tissues and biological structures to estimate movement and connectivity, and daily reflective exercises to allow participants to discuss their own research with each other and the trainers. The lectures also included a variety of real case studies to demonstrate how to use different tissues and markers to answer different questions regarding animal movement, contaminant exposure histories, diet, growth and health, highlighting the various underlying assumptions and limitations. The training was led by Audrey Darnaude (CNRS, MARBEC, Montpellier - France), Susanne Tanner (MARE, Lisbon - Portugal), Clive Trueman (University of Southampton, UK) and Anna Sturrock (University of Essex, UK).

Thank you to all trainers and trainees for making the course so productive, informative and fun!

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