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SEA-UNICORN at the ASLO 2021 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

The Special Session SS45 “Functional connectivity in marine ecosystems: methodological advances to integrate ecosystems complexity into management frameworks” co-organized by Lucia Lopez-Lopez, Manuel Hidalgo and Audrey Danaude for the online ASLO 2021 Aquatic Sciences Meeting (22–27 June 2021) ended up with a 3h live session of Q&A on Sunday 27th June 2021. This live session gathered more than 20 participants (mainly from Spain, France, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Ireland and Australia) around 16 talks and one poster, all on pioneering techniques and concepts in the field of MFC. Among these later, nine included SEA-UNICORN participants as co-authors. The session introductory talk, entitled Marine Functional Connectivity: A new framework for unifying concepts & approaches across disciplines in marine ecology research, was given by Audrey Darnaude (Action chair), on behalf of the SEA-UNICORN consortium. Angel Perez Ruzafa also gave an invited keynote in link with the ongoing activities of SEA-UNICORN's WG1 and WG2, entitled Would maximizing marine functional connectivity really improve biodiversity conservation in the ocean? The last keynote for this session was Towards a multi-trophic extension of meta-community ecology, by Laura Melissa Guzman (Simon Fraser Univ. - Canada). The Sunday live session was a great opportunity to exchange about what is hot in the field of MFC. We are thinking to include several of the presentations made in a special issue on MFC to be published in MEPS in 2022.


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