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WG1 - 3rd annual meeting

The third (and final!) WG1 Annual Meeting took place online on February 27th 2024. It gathered 55 participants from 21 countries and was primarily focussed on presenting past and future WG1 activities, ongoing outputs and having a group discussion about the potential for future network opportunities (e.g. MSCA doctoral network).

In terms of the final activities of the Action, WG1 will help organise the 7th International conference on Marine Connectivity in Montpellier, France on May 27-31, 2024. On the first day there will be two workshops that will help gather data, knowledge and expertise relevant to achieving multiple WG1 goals relating to improving our understanding of species interactions as they relate to trophic connectivity and climate change impacts on marine functional connectivity. See here for more details:

Also, in July 2024 in AZTI, Spain, WG1 co-leaders Susanne Tanner and Anna Sturrock will organize a Method Integration Workshop focused on developing frameworks and statistical tools to combine data from the various methods used to estimate and predict marine functional connectivity (genetics, chemical markers, tagging and modelling). Participants have been selected based on their previous experience integrating datasets and access to large, interdisciplinary datasets that we can use during the workshop.

Any ideas for other WG1 activities or synthesis efforts for 2024 are welcome.

Many thanks for all your efforts in WG1 over the last three years - it has been truly wonderful to work and learn with you all.

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