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From species connectivity to functional connectivity (TUTTI)

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

The workshop TUTTI "From species connectivity to functional connectivity" was co-organized by SEA-UNICORN and the EuroMarine network. This workshop aimed at advancing towards a framework allowing a close interaction between research in structural and functional connectivity and ecosystem dynamics, combining modelling and empiricist expertise. It brought together experts in dispersal, migration, trophic ecology and ecosystem modelling. Drawing on their complementary knowledge, it endeavored identifying the knowledge gaps to be filled in the short to medium term in order to effectively incorporate functional connectivity within the agenda for ecosystems management and stewardship. TUTTI pursued the following four key objectives in order to make progress towards developing the target framework:

  1. Identify relevant ecological functions connecting communities and ecosystems.

  2. Characterizing the main pathways and the relevant scales at which functional connectivity gains ecological efficiency and/or relevance from a management perspective.

  3. Work achieving the required level of homogeneity in measuring functional connectivity by addressing scalability issues.

  4. Discuss the methodological challenges and opportunities in the development of marine functional connectivity.

It is expected that the understanding of functional connectivity achieved by TUTTI will constitute a stepping stone upon which to start assessing the effect of cumulative human pressures on functional connectivity. Eventually, this impact will help contribute to the better management of the multidimensional complexity of our marine ecosystems.

Contacts: Lucía López-López (

José Manuel Hidalgo (

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