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Now online: MEPS Theme Section on Marine Functional Connectivity

Updated: Mar 27

We are happy to finally announce the official publication in the Marine Ecology Progress Series journal of the Theme Section on Marine Functional Connectivity (MFC) organized by SEA-UNICORN.


Produced under the stewardship of Audrey Darnaude (chair), Ewan Hunter (vice-chair), Federica Costantini & Yael Teff-Seker (WG4-co-leaders) and Myron Peck (our former Science Communication Coordinator) and with invaluable contributions from 3 other SEA-UNICORN core-group members in the editorial team (Susanne Tanner, Maria Beger and Oscar Gaggiotti), this Theme Section gathers 17 original research papers, and is now available online HERE in full open access. 


The contributions within this Theme Section offer cutting-edge insights into the diverse ecosystems and taxa studied for MFC worldwide, showcasing the critical role of MFC in ecosystem functioning. These groundbreaking studies feature the diverse range of approaches applied in contemporary MFC research, offering valuable insights into the complex relationships between marine species and their habitats. By shedding light on worldwide fluxes of matter and predicting how environmental drivers may influence marine ecosystem services, this research is poised to inform conservation efforts and the sustainable management of marine and coastal habitats.

The publication of this Theme Section marks a significant step forward in advancing our understanding of marine ecosystems' interconnectedness and resilience. Join us in celebrating this milestone achievement for our COST Action and the continued progress in unlocking the secrets of our oceans!

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