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Symposium "Human impacts on Marine Functional Connectivity"

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In May 2023, SEA-UNICORN will hold the international symposium Human Impacts on Marine Functional Connectivity (HI-MFC 2023) in Sesimbra (Portugal).

This dissemination event, co-organized with the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) and hosted by the University of Lisbon in Sesimbra (Portugal) will bring together a broad group of experts to discuss the latest research on the emerging field of Marine Functional Connectivity (MFC). Its aim is to highlight the latest research on changes in MFC caused by human impacts and on the possible management options for preserving the MFC needed for a healthy and functioning ocean in the future.

Participants are invited to share their knowledge and experience on changes in MFC under anthropogenic pressures, including the ubiquitous effects of global warming (e.g. increases in water temperature and extreme weather events, changes in oceanic circulation) and human activities modifying marine habitats and ecosystems (e.g. fishing, offshore wind farms, shipping, aquaculture). Emphasis will be placed on describing the effects on connectivity of a wide range of human activities at different scales, highlighting cumulative impacts where possible, and showcasing adaptive management strategies. This will contribute to (1) advance ecosystem science, and particularly connectivity research, (2) explore the impact of pressures that alter the structure and function of marine ecosystems and (3) advance marine management and conservation frameworks by proposing more adequate adaptation and mitigation measures.

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