SEA-UNICORN WG1 Training workshop: Basics of biologging

SEA-UNICORN Working Group 1 will hold a training workshop on the basics of biologging from 6th-9th of September 2022 in Sète, France.

This training workshop aims to train researchers and early career investigators working in other areas of marine connectivity in the basics of biologging. This cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer intends to facilitate cross-method integration and innovation.

During the 3.5 days of training workshop participants will discuss ecological questions that can be answered using different tagging/telemetry approaches, learn about the different tag types (e.g. GPS tags, data storage tags, acoustic tags) - their applications and limitations and how to model, simulate and visualize biologging data. In a final group, exercise participants will design a study using biologging techniques to complement their connectivity-method of choice. Participants will also visit the MARBEC Biologging lab for a fun ‘show and tell’.

To join this training workshop, please apply here by 20th July 2022:

A limited number of funded places are available, selection for funding will follow SEA-UNICORN criteria

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