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Training: Ecological Modelling of Marine Connectivity

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

We are pleased to announce the SEA-UNICORN Training School on Ecological Modelling of Marine Connectivity organised by WG2, which will be held between 12th-16th September 2022 in Montpellier, France. This training school aims to train both established and early career researchers who work in marine functional connectivity (MFC) with specific taxa and/or systems, in the construction and functioning principles of theoretical meta-populations, meta-community and meta-ecosystem models, which incorporate the particularities of the marine realm. The last day of the training school will consist on a workshop aimed at exchanging knowledge and suggesting improvements of MFC descriptors to allow including MFC knowledge into these forecasting models. Basic knowledge of R language is a requisite to participate and modelling experience will be considered an advantage. During the 4 days of training school participants will learn about the historical development of meta-models and how they can be used for specific research questions, driving participants attention specifically to model assumptions and parametrisation in regards to connectivity. Participants will also be taught about the particular challenges of the marine environment for applying meta-models and learn from other marine models how 3 dimensionality and oceanographic currents can be incorporated into these forecasting models. During the training schools, participants will also get hands on the models, screening meta-models scripts and playing with data to tackle specific research questions.
To join this training school, please apply here by 30th July 2022:

The training school is limited to 25 participants and funding to attend is available through SEA-UNICORN. Please, read carefully in the attached document the SEA-UNICORN criteria for funding.

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