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Updated: Oct 3, 2023

SEA-UNICORN WG1 is organising a workshop at the FSBI 2023 International Symposium Fish Habitat Ecology in a Changing Climate entitled "Moving from fish movements to fish-mediated fluxes" and also sponsoring a conference session entitled "Fish movements and connectivity" on the final day. The Symposium is co-convened by the University of Essex and the Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science. Action Chair Audrey Darnaude will introduce the session and our keynote speaker Professor Bronwyn Gillanders who will speak about "Estimating movements and connectivity patterns of fish across a changing seascape".

Successful integration of ecological data into management and policy requires open and constructive knowledge exchange between natural and social scientists, stakeholders, managers and policymakers, and new tools to analyze and visualize these complex datasets. Building this social-ecological connectivity is particularly important in dynamic boundary systems (e.g. estuaries) and for protecting species characterised by trans-boundary movements (e.g. between rivers and sea; across jurisdictional borders). With over 200 delegates coming from all over the world, we look forward to sharing ideas and knowledge, and growing our network and expertise.

The themes of the 2023 FSBI Symposium at the University of Essex are broad and inclusive, covering fish biogeography, habitat management/restoration, social-ecological connectivity, food web dynamics and One Health. The topics all have clear links to UN Sustainable Development Goals (e.g. Climate Action, Life Below Water), and the critical roles and services that fish provide, and will attract a diverse, interdisciplinary and international forum.

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