Biophysical Modelling for Beginners

Updated: Oct 17

We are happy to announce a new SEA-UNICORN WG1 Training School: “Biophysical Modelling for Beginners” to be held at Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls-sur-Mer in Banyuls-sur-Mer, France from 30th January to 1st February 2023.

This 3-day school will include lectures on the theory behind these approaches, and practical sessions to learn how to use different modelling tools and interpret different outputs. Ideally, this school is aimed at scientists working in the field of marine connectivity (but with limited modelling experience) in order to provide cross-disciplinary training to facilitate method integration and innovation. Training will be led by Katell Guizien (CNRS/OOB, France), Geneviève Lacroix (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium), Roberta Sciascia (CNR/ISMAR, Italy), Flemming Thorsen (DTU Aqua, Denmark).

Apply to attend the school using this form by 15th November 2022. There are a number of funded places available.

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