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Marine functional connectivity: from data synthesis to ecological forecasting

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

One of the most important challenges in marine functional connectivity (MFC) is incorporating the wide diversity of MFC data into prospective models, with the aim of refining the accuracy of ecological predictions and ultimately, improving the body of knowledge available for management purposes. With this challenge in mind, this half-day workshop, “Marine functional connectivity: From data synthesis to ecological forecasting”, served to start organizing the review of the existing literature on this topic and propose directions to incorporate all available MFC data, from various disciplines but also different spatial, temporal and taxonomic scales, into future modelling approaches.

The workshop was structured around four main topics, which had already been discussed during the kick-off meeting of SEA- UNICORN Working Group 2 (on 25th January 2021):

  • Empirical data and methods to assess MFC

  • Direct and indirect methods to derive MFC data (measuring movement abilities)

  • Effect of physical and landscape features on MFC data

  • Review of existing functions to incorporate MFC data into modeling approaches

During the workshop we partitioned the review into subsections to share the responsibilities among participants, and proposed a tentative chronogram to review the existing literature before the end of 2021.

Contact: Lucía López-López (

Loïc Pellisier (

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