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Call for applications: WG3 Case Study Workshop on ecological coherence between MPAs

On 25-27th September 2023, SEA-UNICORN ​WG3 organizes a Case Study Workshop on “Marine functional connectivity (MFC) and ecological coherence between the protected areas of the Adriatic and eastern Mediterranean” at the Institute for Tourism in Zagreb (Croatia).

In this 3-day workshop, we will work on making Marine Functional Connectivity (MFC) knowledge understandable and transferable to policymakers and stakeholders from all sectors. We will define knowledge gaps in the Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean Seas regarding the use of MFC in the context of Marine Spatial Planning and the Sustainable Blue Economy.

Enhanced use of available MFC data and decision support tools will be discussed based on the identification of challenges, and a comparative approach between the Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean. The overall aim of this workshop will be to develop a policy brief and a conceptual framework, supported by available data and models, that can serve as a general tool to expand the effectiveness of protected/special areas from the Adriatic to the Eastern Mediterranean.

We are looking forward to meeting and working with interested SEA-UNICORN members and experts from all sectors interested in the topics of this workshop.


David Goldsborough, (SEA-UNICORN - WG3 Co-leader, Van Hall Larenstein, Netherlands),

Ant Türkmen (SEA-UNICORN - WG3 Co-leader, LifeWatch ERIC, Italy),

Peter Mackelworth (Blue World Institute of Marine Research & Conservation, Croatia)

Burak Ali Çiçek (Eastern Mediterranean University)

Hrvoje Carić (Institute for Tourism for Zagreb, Croatia)

Application: to apply, please fill in this form before 15th of September (accepting 15 participants)

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