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1st annual Cross-Group meeting

The first annual Cross-Group meeting of the Action was hold in a hybrid format (in presential and on zoom) on December 8th 2021. Scheduled as a side event to the international conference I-Marco 2021 (co-organized by SEA-UNICORN at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle - Paris, France), it lasted for 1/2 day and gathered 70 participants (from 24 countries), including the hosting team and 6 non-members who attended the first hour. 33 SEA-UNICORN participants attended the meeting in person, and 31 more followed it online via Zoom. The number of members per Working Group varied from 15 (for WG4) to 49 (for WG1). At this occasion, the Action Chair summarized the goals, objectives and structure of the Action and gave a quick overview of the Action's network of participants, including its evolution since the Action's launch. Then, the Core Group presented the advances made in each Working Group during Grant Period 1 (Dec. 2020 - Oct. 2021), including through the STSMs and varied grants funded so far.

A brief update on the recent changes in the composition of the Core Group and on the activities/deliverables expected in each WG for Grant Period 2 (Nov 2021 - Oct 2022) was made.

Lastly, 3 sessions of 1h cross-group brainstorming exercises (with all participants spread in small groups) were organized to progress on the following topics:

  • Topic 1 (WG1-WG2): Linking organisms' traits to Marine Functional Connectivity (MFC)

  • Topic 2 (WG2-WG3): Managing & conserving marine systems with changes in MFC due to Climate Change

  • Topic 3 (WG3-WG4): Fostering the uptake of MFC data & knowledge by stakeholders.

The next annual cross-group meeting should be held online in October 2022.

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