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2nd Annual Conference of Environmental Conflict and Cooperation (CECC)

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Dr. Audrey Darnaude (Action chair) and Dr. Anna Sturrock (WG1 co-leader) participated (via Zoom) in this hybrid conference, co-organized by Dr. Yaël Teff-Seker (WG4 co-leader) in Berkeley, California (USA).

They animated a 45 minutes special session aiming at promoting awareness to marine connectivity and conservation within the stakeholder community attending the meeting.

At this occasion, Audrey Darnaude gave a general introduction on Marine Functional Connectivity (MFC) and the importance of integrating connectivity knowledge in marine conservation and management. She presented the main challenges and barriers for this, and the strategy of the COST Action for advancing knowledge and promoting data use in the emerging field of MFC research.

To finish on a lighter note, Anna Sturrock presented the Maze of Misfortune video game currently co-produced by SEA-UNICORN, and the rationale behind it. The conference was sponsored by the University of California, Davis, and UC Berkeley.

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